‘Sea’ for yourself at Mystic Aquarium


The authors at Mystic Aquarium.

Mystic Aquarium is an awesome place in Connecticut. They have touch tanks with small sharks, stingrays, and starfish, too. They even have a beluga whale!

Across the street, there is a hotel where you can eat at the buffet, order room service, and watch movies in pools. We watched “Aladdin”!

The Mystic Aquarium offers shows for all ages.

Back at the aquarium, they have a sea lion show, and for Pokémon GO players like me they have Pokestops, gyms (I took over one), and lots of Pokémon too.

At the aquarium are not only sea creatures: there are dinosaurs! Well, robots, but stay still or the T-Rex will eat you up! Be careful! But don’t freak out if you see a stegosaurus, they only eat plants.

Back to the sea life, they have a jellyfish tunnel, a cafe, and really cool gift shop items.

Calvin’s favorite thing was the stingray touch tank and Drew’s was the dinosaurs. (Note: this is just an opinion.)

The authors at Mystic Aquarium.

–June 20, 2019–